Design for Manufacturing using Siemens NX Solutions 

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is a methodology where products are designed with an intent of accelerating time to market while reducing the product cost, without compromising the quality.

Siemens NX platform offers integrated solutions that can enable users to seamlessly work from product design to manufacturing.

NX CAD,  a highly versatile design solution, supports users at various stages of product design for an array of industrial applications.


NX CAE can deliver engineering simulation solutions to drive product performance decisions across the complete product life cycle.


NX CAM provides a wide range of functionality, from simple NC programming to multi-axis machining, enabling NC programmers to address many tasks using one system.


Supporting every aspect of product development, NX solutions deliver tightly integrated, unified solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing that are unmatched in power and flexibility.

NX leverages the master model concept to facilitate concurrent design and NC programming by linking all functions, such as CAM and CMM, back to the single model definition of the part. As a result, the NC programmer can start programming using a manufacturing model. Full associativity ensures subsequent updates of NC operations as the design model changes.

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