Knowledge Based Engineering

We specialize in developing customized design automation and Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) applications for engineering companies. We intelligently manipulate our knowledge of engineering companies’ needs and processes with our IT skills, to deliver solutions that improve engineering efficiencies and offer competitive edge to our customers.

As part of our KBE offering, we gather the organization’s product knowledge in entirety and store this information in a software application. These applications are built as extensions or customizations of CAD applications in the form of Design automations. Once available, our knowledge based solutions are a great asset to the organization providing a database on design elements, intent, risks, errors, their solutions and more.

 Organizational Benefits

Faster time to market products resulting from reduction in design time

Quicker product enhancements

Better productivity even by new team members without the knowledge of design intents

Lesser design iterations due to knowledge of risks, failures and their solutions are available

Our KBE services can be designed onsite or offshore as per your requirements with as many resources as needed. In addition to specialized design solutions, we also extend the following KBE services. These services are a boon to organizations with standard products with variations that do not affect overall design.

Design automation of entire product / product range

Development of utilities in 3D or 2D CAD applications to reduce time on repetitive tasks

2D and 3D CAD related services

o Conversion of CAD files

o Data extraction and export to MS Excel

o 2D drawing drafting

o 3D modeling

o System generation of BOMCheck the suitability of KBE for your product – mail to

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