One of our fortes, the CAD/CAM/CAE services that we offer is propelled by industry experts who have a vast experience at leading engineering companies. We thus know the industry requirements from inside out and are equipped to our join your project seamlessly during any stage and work as an integral part of your design team.

Additionally, scalability, availability of resources even at short notice and transparent SLA’s distinguish us from the rest of the competition.


The following is our range of onsite and offshore offerings for CAD.

3D Modelling and Simulation

We have modelled a variety of 3D components belonging to Automotive parts, engineering assemblies, and more over the years. Along with simulation, tool design and prototype manufacturing, we also take up projects that require converting 2D drawings to 3D models.

FE Analysis and Meshing

Various analysis techniques are crucial to mechanical design optimization. Our team has successfully used Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Kinematic Analysis and Vibration Analysis along with many challenging meshing projects for engineering machinery and automotive sectors.

CAD Data Migration Services

Our CAD data migration noticeably reduces product design cycle and time required for new products, giving way to reusability and consistency. Legacy CAD databases can now be migrated to new automated CAD applications cost effectively. We provide dedicated as well as shared resources depending on the client requirement and budget.


Eliminate human error from your manufacturing process with our Process Automation tools

Sapience is one of the biggest partners of Siemens in the CAM space with niche expertise in the domain of providing end to end solution for the complex multi-axis machines across the range of CNC machines.

Post Processor

Every business has unique requirements unlike others even if they are from the same industry. Engineering companies that use CNC machines and CAM require a certain additional software program that translates the CAM data into a G-code language for a specific machine that the company uses. This software program is called a Post Processor and it is extremely vital for the appropriate utility of CAM systems and to achieve a meaningful communication of CAM data with machine tools.

Sapience has achieved niche expertise in the development, implementation, and prove-out of the Post Processors and ISV Machine Simulation for complex multi-axis machines. We have been working with several customers having a range of CNC machines across India for their CAM requirements.

End-to-End Solutions in CAM by Sapience

MACH Setup Template

3D Models of Machine Tool

3D Models of Cutting Tools & Holders


Machine Simulation

User Documentation

In our experience, customers typically need a mechanism with end-to-end machining solutions to ensure that they should be able to start the production within a week after installation. We ensure that we deliver exactly this and more through our well-thought out services.

NX CAM is a specialized CAM software from Siemens Industry Software which delivers real differences through key capabilities including an advanced programming, post-processing and simulation functionality.

Through a wide experience with Siemens, Sapience TechSystems has proved its expertise in NX CAM with Post Processors and ISV Machine Simulation for complex machines in the various Aerospace & Defence organizations.

 Sapience has a dedicated team to support the existing NX CAM users. We also have expertise in all the areas of NX CAM along with a capability to Scale Up the team. With good understanding and experience of the end customer’s technical requirement, we have a proven execution capacity to achieve long term solutions.

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